Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming response to the very vague mission I began with for I have already received many strong ideas regarding where to go with this thing and I am beginning to formulate a plan. But I would like to continue to evolve the discussion and am looking to you and others for help.

I am getting the initial funding sorted out and we should be "up and running" by October 1. I will be using ALL of my settlement money to support this initiative. It won't last long but should allow us to give it a legitimate shot.

Also, I will be on a panel at the annual Canadian Association of Independent Schools Heads and Board Chairs meeting in October. Here I plan to tell my truth, introduce Safest Places and to offer concrete recommendations on how schools need to deal with the big ugly issue of sexual abuse.

My goal is to meet and/or gather with interested members in Novemeber to officially launch Safest Places.

Here are some thoughts that I have, that I have received from some of you, and areas where I need help. Thanks again for your interest and please feel free to pass this along to anyone that can help.


- Create a consultancy for vics, schools, boards, alum, etc. to help them navigate a transparent, fair, and actionable plans to deal with sexual abuse claims at Independent Schools.

- Develop a safety platform whereby all teachers and students are tracked 24/7 while on campus with an app. Features will include 1-touch Reporting, live video streaming, community for vics, training and education for students and admins, etc.

- Help establish an independent governing board for ISL and beyond whose authority is to monitor, respond, and act on incidents of abuse on school. Would not report to anyone at schools but instead to a governing body. Each school may have a rep on campus or an admin is trained and reports directly to board.

- Work with schools to revise the make-up and purpose of their boards. Right now too many alums and parents occupy these boards creating an insular and limited view. Boards need to also include experts not related to the school.

- Become the voice and resource for vics not interested in coming out in public but wanting to seek justice. Help with the many layers of BS like lawyers, reporters, school officials, etc..

- I have never set up an entity like this so am looking for strong partners with experience in establishing an organization like this.

- I also am an edu-outsider in that I have zero experience in the field of education which I am looking as a plus as it will bring fresh ideas to the party.

If you are still reading this thank you again for your interest and I am excited to make Safest Places into something that is real, that makes real change, and advances the safety of our children while at school.



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